Born in May 2013 after crossing path in the Dextuor, a chamber orchestra leading by Thomas Van Haeperen, this Belgian duo is alternating between two violins and violin plus viola.

United by a shared passion for chamber music, Avine Coulonval (graduated from CRLg in Philippe Koch class, nominated in Dexia Classics contest) and Madeleine Jacques (graduated from IMEP in Marc Danel class) started the project unaware it would end up being the most important part of their everyday and professional lives.

Together, they perform a diversified repertoire, encompassing all styles of classical music. Sometimes breathtaking with Prokofiev and Ysaye, sometimes mellow with Leclair and Fuchs. Last concerts include performances in Paris and in several cultural centers and concert places in Belgium (Bruxelles, Liège, Verviers, Mons, Beauraing…). They are also present in the Royal Juillet musical of Saint Hubert (Festival de Wallonie) and in the Palais des Beaux-Arts de Charleroi.

Their thirst for learning drives them to work with well-known artists from around the world, including Gilles Millet and the Zemlinsky Quartet. At Liège Royal Conservatory, they studied with Jean-Gabriel Raelet (Royal Wallonia Opera) and with Philippe Koch.

Their French name is a wordplay ( in French “soul” and “sound post” share the same name : âme ) meaning human souls and instrument souls work hand in hand to provide a meaningful, rich, and of course, soulful music.


Born in 1991, Avine starts learning piano at the age of 5. Quickly, her never-ending requests to learn violin pay off, and her parents accept to enroll her in a violin class. She picks up cello few years later, but her attention focuses on violin and piano, and it is with these two instruments that she gets through music school, earning a cum laude honour. In 2009, she is one of the finalists in the Dexia Classics competition, and she enters the Royal Conservatorium of Liège. With the help of her teacher Philippe Koch, she improves her skills and gets her diploma in 2015. In 2018, she gets another master degree at the IMEP, Namur, supervised by Yossif Ivanov and Gilles Millet (Quatuor Danel, chamber music).
Avine views music as something that is made to be shared. She shares her passion with her public of course, but also with other musicians and her pupils. From the start, she played violin with her brother, then in orchestras and various chamber music formations. After being permanent member of the chamber music projects Urban Quartet and Octu Hors d’Elles, she now focuses on the duo repertory with the string duet Duo d’âmes and also the Sonata repertory with the pianist Eline Mathelart.
She plays as well in orchestras. For a long time second violinist of the Dextuor ensemble, the young musician participates in several projects led by the contemporary formation Sturm und Klang, headed by Thomas Vanhaeperen. She also work under the conductor’s baton of Jean-Pierre Haeck within the Ensemble Orchestral Mosan . In 2019, she leads the Orchestre de Chambre d’Ottignies Louvain-la-Neuve as temporary conductor.
Violin teacher in the music academy of Chênée, she aims at being more active in chamber music, as well as maturing her alternative pedagogic methods.


Born in 1989, Madeleine begins learning violin at the age of 4. She does so at the music school, but also by taking music theory and chamber music courses at the conservatorium of Verviers. In 2005 she picks up preparatory courses at the IMEP in Namur, while studying at the same time at SFX1, Verviers. In 2007 she takes things further and enters IMEP as full time violin student, in a class led by Marc Danel. She earns two honours, in 2012 as violinist and in 2015 as violin teacher. She is now teaching violin in several schools and nonprofit organisations. She is involved in numerous ensembles such as Duo d’âmes, Octu Hors d’Elles, Strings4ever, Urban Quartet…
She is also playing regularly in various orchestras, with which she toured extensively in Belgium, as a violinist but also as violist. Thirsty for knowledge, she is taking part in many master classes in chamber music.